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January 1st-11th, 2017 - 124th New Zealand Chess Congress, Wellington.
Organised by the Wellington Chess Club. Download entry form here (pdf document). The NZ Open is a Poison Pawn Grand Prix Super Class event; the Rapid and Junior will also carry Grand Prix points. Support from the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific is gratefully acknowledged.
NZ Open:
Games download:
NZ Junior Open:
NZ Rapid:
NZ Blitz:

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Ari Dale   Scott Wastney   Dive, Smith, Gong, Reilly
NZ Open Champion Ari Dale   NZ Champion Scott Wastney   3rd= Russell Dive, Bob Smith, Daniel Gong and Tim Reilly
Shunkai Peng   Watharow & Kulkarni   Kulkarni
Under 2100 1st Shunkai Peng   Under 2100 2nd= Sean Watharow & Yogesh Kulkarni (shared with Bill Forster)   Major Open Champion (shared with Bill Forster): Yogesh Kulkarni
Wight & Lu   Douglas Dias   Allen Fan
Under 1800 1st= Joshua Wight & Lillian Lu (shared with Hikaru Oka)   Under 1500 1st Douglas Dias   Junior 1st= Allen Fan (shared with Jack James and Layla Timergazi)

January 2nd-12th 2017 - Australian Chess Open, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.
Kiwis abroad: CM Alphaeus Ang, Tony Dowden, Paul Macdonald, Sravan Renjith, Nadia Braganza, Eva Lourenco

December 10th-18th 2016 - Australasian Masters, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
Kiwis abroad: CM Alphaeus Ang gained yet more rating points in the IM-norm event:

December 4th 2016 - December ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st = Aaron Wang, CM Richard Meng, CM Daniel Gong and James Liu
U-16 1st= Euan McDougall and Xinyang Liu
U-13 1st= Julie Li and Owen Jin
U-10 1st Isabelle Ning

Full results on Vega:

December ACC Junior Rapid   December ACC Junior Rapid
1st=James Liu, Richard Meng, Aaron Wang and Daniel Gong   U-16 1st= Xinyang Liu and Euan McDougall
Julie Li   Isabelle Ning
U-13 1st Julie Li   U-10 1st Isabelle Ning

December 4th 2016 - Papatoetoe Junior Rapid Open, Auckland.
1st CM Alphaeus Ang
2nd= Oliver Picken & Andrew Li
Best Girl= WCM Jasmine Zhang & Saasha Ghadiali
Under16 Tyler Creighton
Under14 Oliver Picken
Under12 Andrew Li
Under10 Thomas Zheng
Under8 Felix Xie

Full results on Vega: Junior.

Alphaeus Ang   Saasha Ghadiali   Oliver Picken & Andrew Li
1st CM Alphaeus Ang   Best Girl: Saasha Ghadiali   2nd= Oliver Picken & Andrew Li
Tyler Creighton   Oliver Picken   Andrew Li
Under 16 Tyler Creighton   Under 14 Oliver Picken   Under 12 Andrew Li
Thomas Zheng   Felix Xie    
Under10 Thomas Zheng   Under8 Felix Xie    

December 3rd 2016 - Papatoetoe Rapid Open, Auckland.
1st FM Alexei Kulashko
2nd= CM Alphaeus Ang & CM Daniel Gong
4th= FM Ben Hague & Allen Fan
Up to 2100
1st Allen Fan
2nd Leo Zhang
Upset prize Benjamin Lim
1st Richard Jiang
2nd= WCM Jasmine Zhang & Richard Meng
Up to 1600
1st Philip Mukkattu
2nd Nadia Braganza
Upset prize Xinyang Liu
1st= Xintong (Winston) Weng & Stephen Peak
3rd John Liu
Up to 1150
1st Allen Li
2nd= Hugh Gao & Tyler Creighton
Upset prize Danny Madden

Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Full results on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; C-Grade.

November 18th - December 1st 2016 - World Senior Championships, Marianske Lazne, CZECH REPUBLIC.
Official website:
Kiwis abroad: Women's 50+ Helen Milligan:

November 13th 2016 - November ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st= Alphaeus Ang, Allen Fan and Oliver Picken
U-16 1st Euan McDougall
U-13 1st = James Liu, Rohit Mudaliar, Aaron Wang, Hugh Gao and Julie Li
U-10 1st CM Richard Meng
Full results on Vega:

October 26th - November 5th 2016 - Asian Seniors Chess Championship , Mandalay, MYANMAR.
65+: Bob Gibbons was 3rd and earned the FM title (and an IM norm):
50+: Helen Milligan kept the Women's title (there were 3 women in the Open).

October 21st-24th 2016 - Merv Morrison Memorial Chess Tournament, Auckland.
1st= CM Alphaeus Ang, FM Ben Hague, & Bruce Wheeler
under2100 and over1800
1st Simon Lyall
2nd= Allen Fan, Nathan Goodhue, Daniel Runcan, Alex Nagorski & Benjamin Lim
1st= Oliver Picken, Juni Aguilar (under 1500) & Philip Mukkattu
2nd= Euan McDougall, Xinyang Liu, Aaron Wang & Hugh Gao

Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Full results on Vega at Merv Morrison.

October 18th 2016 - Auckland Catholic Schools Championships, Auckland.
St Paul's won the Championship and Our Lady Star of the Sea won the Beginners section.
Full results on Vega: Championship; Beginners.

October 9th 2016 - October ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st CM Alphaeus Ang 6/6
2nd Oliver Picken 5/6
Under 10 1st Sravan Renjith 4½/6
Under 13 1st Aaron Wang 4½/6
Under 16 Xinyang Liu 4/6
3rd= Allen Fan, James Jiayu Liu, Blaine Wu, Felix Xie & Anan Shinil 4/6

Full results on Vega:

Alphaeus Ang   Oliver Picken   James Jiayu Yu, Blaine Wu, Felix Xie and Anan Shinil
1st CM Alphaeus Ang   2nd Oliver Picken   3rd= James Jiayu Yu, Blaine Wu, Felix Xie and Anan Shinil
Aaron Wang   Sravan Renjith  
Under 13 1st Aaron Wang   Under 10 1st Sravan Renjith  

October 3rd-7th 2016 - North Island Championship, Palmerston North.
NI Champions: Jack James & FM Mark Noble
3rd= CM David Cilia Vincenti & WFM Layla Timergazi
Veteran: David Cooper
Senior: Mark Noble
Junior: Jack James

Full results on Vega: North Island Championship

October 2nd 2016 - North Island Rapid, Palmerston North.
Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Full results on Vega: North Island Rapid

October 1st 2016 - North Island Blitz, Palmerston North.
Full results on Vega: North Island Blitz

October 1st 2016 - Feilding Rapid, Palmerston North.
Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Full results on Vega: Feilding Rapid

September 28th 2016 - Jenkins Trophy challenge match, Auckland.
North Shore CC retained the Jenkins Trophy with a 13-7 victory over Howick-Pakuranga CC.

1 Hart, Ralph 2242 - : + Gong, Daniel 2254
2 Milligan, Helen 2174 1 : 0 Dreyer, Martin 2263
3 Barlow, Matthew 2152 0 : 1 Green, Ewen 2255
4 Carpinter, Tony 2134 0 : 1 Lim, Benjamin 2044
5 Stuart, Peter 2103 ½ : ½ Yee, Stanley 2022
6 Krstev, Antonio 2086 ½ : ½ Spiller, Paul 2011
7 Evans, David 2085 1 : 0 Zhang, Jasmine 1940
8 McCrone, Jeffrey 2066 1 : 0 Hackney, Leyton -
9 Rodriguez, Cristian - 1 : 0 Benson, Jim 1662
10 Jia, Hao 1996 1 : 0 Hackney, Connor 1603
11 Aguilar, Juni - - : + Guan, Kevin 1583
12 Gunn, Neil 1989 1 : 0 Booth, Tony 1575
13 Johns, Daniel 1979 ½ : ½ Hou, Kevin 1503
14 Hair, Philip 1942 1 : 0 Qiu, Daniel 1291
15 Meng, Richard 1664 1 : 0 Han, Allan 1251
16 Kamberi, Paul 1568 0 : 1 Gong, Frank -
17 Li, Rodney 1560 ½ : ½ Wang, Ying 1214
18 Stephens, Dominick 1551 1 : 0 Zheng, Thomas 1184
19 Braganza, Nadia 1536 1 : 0 Battye, Brian 978
20 Pakholjuk, Alex 1443 1 : 0 Agnew, Benjamin -
      13 : 7    
September 27th-30th 2016 - NZ Junior Championships, Palmerston North.
Full details of titles and prizes awarded are as follows (one prize only per person; age groups have a lower as well as an upper limit):
Points Title Name Prize money
7 Junior Champion Alphaeus Ang $200
2nd Place Tony Wang $150
5 3rd= Place Layla Timergazi $50
5 3rd= Place Allen Fan $50
7 Schoolpupils Champion Alphaeus Ang  
4 Schoolpupils prize Oliver Picken $50
5 Schoolgirls Champion Layla Timergazi  
4 Schoolgirls prize Hananke Calitz $50
Under 16 Champion Tony Wang  
3 Under 16 prize Tyler Creighton $50
5 Under 16 girls Champion Layla Timergazi  
7 Under 14 Champion Alphaeus Ang  
Under 14 prize Sol Ross $50
  Under 14 girls Champion    
5 Under 12 Champion Allen Fan  
3 Under 12 girls Champion Vyanla M Punsalan  
Under 10 Champion Isabella Malton $50
Under 10 girls Champion Isabella Malton  
Under 8 Champion Sravan Renjith $50
Under 8 girls Champion Isabelle Ning $20

Full results on Vega: NZ Junior

September 26th 2016 - NZ Junior Rapid, Palmerston North.
Junior Rapid Champion
1st Jack James
2nd= CM Alphaeus Ang, Oliver Picken & Allen Fan
NZ School Pupil Champions
1st= CM Alphaeus Ang, Oliver Picken & Allen Fan
NZ School Girl Champion
1st WFM Layla Timergazi
Under 16 Champion
1st WFM Layla Timergazi
Under 16 Girls Champion
1st WFM Layla Timergazi
Under 14 Champions
1st= CM Alphaeus Ang & Oliver Picken
Under 12 Champion
1st Allen Fan
Under 12 Girls Champion
1st Vyanla Punsalan
Under 10 Champion
1st Samuel Darr
Under 10 Girls Champions
1st= Nina Nhi Yen Nguyen & Isabella Malton
Under 8 Champion
1st Paul He
Under 8 Girls Champion
1st Isabelle Ning

Full results on Vega: NZ Junior Rapid

Photos with thanks to Wayne McDougall:

September 25th 2016 - NZ Junior Blitz, Palmerston North.
1st Jack James
2nd Allen Fan
3rd= CM Daniel Gong, WFM Layla Timergazi, Dion Charles, Vyanla Punsalan & Tony Wang
School Pupil
1st Allen Fan
School Girl
1st= WFM Layla Timergazi & Vyanla Punsalan
Under 16
1st= WFM Layla Timergazi & Tony Wang
Under 16 Girl
1st WFM Layla Timergazi
Under 14
1st CM Daniel Gong
Under 12
1st Allen Fan
Under 12 Girl
1st Vyanla Punsalan
Under 10
1st= Samuel Darr & Isabella Malton
Under 10 Girl
1st Isabella Malton
Under 8
1st Kendrick Zhang

Full results on Vega: NZ Junior Blitz

Photos with thanks to Wayne McDougall:

September 24th-25th 2016 - NZ Interschools Team Championship Finals, Palmerston North.
Full results on Orion: National Finals Primary

Full results on Orion: National Finals Intermediate

Full results on Orion: National Finals Secondary

Photos with thanks to Wayne McDougall:

Westlake Boys   Secondary Silver   Secondary Silver
Winners of the Secondary division: Westlake Boy's High School (from the left: Winston Yao, Hao Jia, William Zhang and William Li).   Secondary Silver: Macleans College (from the left: Terry Shen, WCM Jasmine Zhang, Richard Jiang and Karl Zhu).   Secondary Bronze: Auckland Grammar School (from the left: Daniel Zhu, Nicholas Huang, George Chen, CM Daniel Gong).
Intermediate Winners   Intermediate Silver   Intermediate Bronze
Winners of the Intermediate division: Auckland Normal Intermediate (from the left: Kelvin Xiao, Aaron Wang, Nicole Qin, Allen Fan and James Liu).   Intermediate Silver: Rosehill Intermediate School (from the left: Blake Mansell, Loshaunce Leaso, Louis Lee and Selwyn Lin).   Intermediate Bronze: Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (from the left: Jordan Yu, Vyanla Punsalan, Megan Meng and Jay Chen).
Primary Winners   Primary Silver   Primary Bronze
Winners of the Primary division: Forrest Hill (from the left: CM Richard Meng, Jeffrey Yu, Nicolas Gutierrez and Albert Wang).   Primary Silver: Pigeon Mountain Primary School (from the left: Aleck Shen, Ryan Dukeson, Christopher Wang, Roger Luo and Louis Cao).   Primary Bronze: Eastern Hutt School (from the left: Vincent Luo, Zhiheng Dai, Zac Li and Samuel Darr).

September 1st-14th 2016 - 42nd World Chess Olympiad , Baku, AZERBAIJAN.
Open Section:
NZL results:
Women's Section:
NZL results:

Highlights: FM Scott Wastney achieved a 20-game IM norm.

Scott Wastney
FM Scott Wastney (thanks to Dejan Bojkov for the photo)

September 4th 2016 - September ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st: Allen Fan
2nd: CM Daniel Gong
3rd= Oliver Picken, Eric Liang, Xinyang Liu, James Jiayu Liu, Andrew Li and Hugh Gao
U-16 Grade Prize: CM Alphaeus Ang
U-13 Grade Prize: Vyanla Punsalan
U-10 Grade Prize: Sravan Renjith
Full results on Vega:

August 31st 2016 - South Island School Teams Tournament, Ashburton.
1st George Street Normal, Dunedin 44
2nd Queenstown 42
3rd Waitakiri 38
4th Fendalton 37
5th Waimairi 27
6th Maori Hill 22
7th Longbeach
1st Cobham Intermediate, ChCh 49
2nd Queenstown 33
3rd Tahuna 32
4th Avonhead 28
5th Balmacewen 27
6th Kirkwood 25
7th Asburton 16
1st Otago Boys A 53
2nd Ashburton 39
3rd Otago Boys B 37
4th Burnside A 35
5th Burnside B 30
6th Christchurch Boys 16
7th Opihi 0

August 20th-21st 2016 - North Shore Open, Auckland.
1st NM Leonard McLaren
2nd= FM Ben Hague & Kirill Polischuk
4th= CM Alphaeus Ang & Gordon Morrell
Under 2200 Allen Fan, Jeremy Browne & Nathan Goodhue
Under 2000 Oliver Picken
1st= Tony Wang, Sravan Renjith & Juni Aguilar
Under 1700 Vyanla Punsalan & CM Richard Meng
1st Barry Hooton
2nd= and under 1300: James Liu, Caspar van den Broek, Leo Li & Richard Schurr
2nd= and born 2005/later: Andrew Li

Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Full results and some games on Vega: Open; B-Grade; C-Grade.

Leonard McLaren & Peter Stuart   FM Ben Hague & Kirill Polischuk   CM Alphaeus Ang
Winner Leonard McLaren with organiser Peter Stuart   2nd= FM Ben Hague & Kirill Polischuk   4th= CM Alphaeus Ang
Oliver Picken   Juni Aguilar, Sravan Renjith & Tony Wang   Vyanla Punsalan
Under 2000 Oliver Picken   B-Grade 1st= Juni Aguilar, Sravan Renjith & Tony Wang   B-Grade Under 1700 Vyanla Punsalan
Barry Hooton   James Liu & Richard Schurr   Andrew Li
C-Grade 1st Barry Hooton   C-Grade 2nd= and under 1300: James Liu & Richard Schurr   C-Grade 2nd= and born 2005/later: Andrew Li

August 13th-20th 2016 - Fiji Open, Oceania Senior & Junior Championships, Denarau, FIJI
There were good results for NZL players, including Oceania Junior Champion for Jack James in the Standard-rate event, 3rd (finishing as best junior and best woman) for Vyanla Punsalan in the Rapid event, and 1st (on tiebreak from IM Gary Lane) in the Blitz for Jack James.

Jack James
Jack James with the Oceania Junior and Oceania Blitz trophies.

August 4th-11th 2016 - East Asian Youth Chess Championship, Seoul, South Korea.
Kiwis abroad:
World Youth Mind Sports Rapid Chess
Under 8 Rapid: 4th= Oscar Qin
Under 12 Girls' Rapid: Bronze medal for Nicole Qin
Under 10 Rapid: Silver medal for Richard Meng
Under-8 Open: Oscar Qin
Under-10 Open: 1st, CM title and Gold medal for Richard Meng
Under-12 Girls: Nicole Qin

Oscar, Nicole and Richard with their Rapid prizes.
Oscar, Nicole and Richard with their Rapid prizes.

August 7th 2016 - August ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st= CM Alphaeus Ang & CM Daniel Gong
Under 16 1st= Xinyang Liu, Euan McDougall & Lloyd Williams
Under 13 1st Andrew Li
Under 10 1st Sravan Renjith
3rd= Allen Fan, Aaron Wang, Vyanla Punsalan & Julie Li

Full results on Vega:

Daniel Gong & Alphaeus Ang   Julie Li & Aaron Wang   Lloyd Williams
1st= CM Daniel Gong & CM Alphaeus Ang   3rd= Julie Li & Aaron Wang   Under 16 1st= Lloyd Williams
Sravan Renjith   Andrew Li  
Under 10 1st Sravan Renjith   Under 13 1st Andrew Li  

August 5th 2016 - New Zealand Girls Interschool Chess Championship, Auckland.
1st Mt Roskill Grammar
2nd Epsom Girls Grammar A
3rd Epsom Girls Grammar B
Board prizes:
Board 1 Caroline Yan; Board 2 Sarah Yan; Board 3 Cathy Fan; Board 4 Kirushni Suthakaran (all Mt Roskill Grammar)
1st Takapuna Normal Intermediate
2nd St Cuthberts A
3rd Kowhai Intermediate A
Board prizes:
Board 1 Vyanla Punsalan (Takapuna); Board 2 Celia Chanwong (Mt Roskill Intermediate); Board 3 Julie Li (Takapuna); Board 4 Nuala Edmundson (Kowhai Intermediate A)
1st Hillsborough Primary
2nd Blockhouse Bay Primary
3rd Willowpark School
Board prizes:
Board 1 Saasha Ghadiali; Board 2 Renae Ghadiali; Board 3 Chantelle Vossen-Chong; Board 4 Rushni De Silva (all Hillsborough)

Full results on Vega:
NZ Girls Secondary
NZ Girls Intermediate
NZ Girls Primary.

Mt Roskill Grammar   Epsom Girls Grammar A   Epsom Girls Grammar B
Organisers Winston Yao (left) and Lola Zhan (right) with Mt Roskill Grammar (Secondary winners)   Secondary: 2nd Epsom Girls Grammar A   Secondary: 3rd Epsom Girls Grammar B
Takapuna Normal Intermediate   St Cuthberts A   Kowhai Intermediate A
Intermediate: 1st Takapuna Normal Intermediate   Intermediate: 2nd St Cuthberts A   Intermediate: 3rd Kowhai Intermediate A
Hillsborough   Blockhouse Bay   Willowpark
Primary: 1st Hillsborough   Primary: 2nd Blockhouse Bay   Primary: 3rd Willowpark

July 29th-31st 2016 - Waikato Open, Hamilton.
1st CM Alphaeus Ang
2nd= FM Ben Hague & WFM Layla Timergazi
Best Waikato Player (Len Whitehouse Memorial Trophy): Prashant Mistry
under 2000 1st Martin Post 2nd Dan Dolejs
under 1900 1st= Arnaud Carbonnier & Prashant Mistry
B-Grade (under 1800):
1st= Sravan Renjith & Luis Duran Rubalcava
3rd Pedro Torres Camorlinga
Best Waikato Junior (William Lynn Cup): Sean Clark & Adam Hasan-Stein
under 1550 1st Vyanla Punsalan 2nd= Nadia Braganza & Aaron Wang
under 1400 1st Nigel Marko 2nd Ying Wang

Full results (and games for the Open section) on Vega: Open; Under 1800.

Alphaeus Ang   Ben Hague & Layla Timergazi   Prashant Mistry
Open 1st CM Alphaeus Ang   Open 2nd= FM Ben Hague & WFM Layla Timergazi   Best Waikato Player (Len Whitehouse Memorial Trophy): Prashant Mistry
Martin Post   Dan Dolejs   Sravan Renjith & Luis Duran Rubalcava
Open under-2000 1st Martin Post   Open under-2000 2nd Dan Dolejs   B-Grade 1st= Sravan Renjith & Luis Duran Rubalcava
Camorlinga Torres   Aaron Wang   Nadia Braganza
B-Grade 3rd Pedro Torres Camorlinga   B-Grade under-1550 2nd= Aaron Wang   B-Grade under-1550 2nd= Nadia Braganza

July 24th 2016 - South Island Rapid Championship.
Organised by Canterbury Chess Club.
1st: Gary Lane
2nd=, joint South Island Rapid Champions: Stephen Lukey, Leighton Nicholls
1st U1900: Leighton Nicholls
2nd= U1900: Martin Rademacher, Helmut Marko
1st U1600: Federico Roura
2nd U1600: Daniel Suh
Spot Prize: Richie Christie (for playing on his birthday)

Full results on Vega: South Island Rapid

July 23rd 2016 - South Island Lightning Championship.
Organised by Canterbury Chess Club.
1st: Stephen Solomon
2nd: Gary Lane
3rd: Gino Thornton
South Island Lightning Champions (joint): Stephen Lukey, Matthew McNabb

Full results on Vega: South Island Lightning

July 19th-23rd 2016 - South Island Championship.
Organised by Canterbury Chess Club.
1st=: Gary Lane, Stephen Solomon
3rd, South Island Champion, All Canterbury Champion: Stephen Lukey
4th=: Peng Kong Chan, Matthew McNabb
1st= U2100: Ross Jackson, David Weegenaar, Tim Rains
1st= U1800: Ray Bongalon, Federico Roura, Simon Ward
DD Smash Upset prize: Bryce Lukey (draw against Nigel Cooper)
Meritorious Performance Prizes:
Day 1 - Geoff Davies for his win over Quentin Johnson
Day 2 - Daniel Suh for his wins over Ross Black and Leighton Nicholls
Day 3 - Hamish Gold for his win over David Weegenaar
Day 4 - Guy Mulinder for his win over Geoff Davies

Full results on Vega: South Island

July 9th-17th 2016 - George Trundle NZ Masters Tournament, Auckland.
Sponsored by the Auckland Chess Centre.
All games are available as pgn downloads or as pgn4web play-through via links on the Vega pages:
1st= IM Gary Lane & IM Stephen Solomon
3rd= and Best NZ Player trophy: FM Bruce Watson & FM Ben Hague
Full results on Vega: George Trundle Masters
1st= CM Daniel Gong & Gordon Morrell
3rd= John Duneas & CM Alphaeus Ang
Full results on Vega: George Trundle Qualifiers
1st= Philip Mukkattu, Hao Jia & Vyanla Punsalan
Full results on Vega: George Trundle Reserves

Photos: thanks to Lin Nah and Simon Lyall:

Stephen Solomon & Gary Lane   Ben Hague   Gordon Morrell & Daniel Gong
Masters 1st= IM Stephen Solomon & IM Gary Lane   FM Ben Hague with the Best New Zealand Player trophy   Qualifiers 1st= Gordon Morrell & CM Daniel Gong
Alphaeus Ang   Philip Mukkattu, Vyanla Punsalan & Hao Jia  
Qualifiers 3rd= CM Alphaeus Ang   Reserves 1st= Philip Mukkattu, Vyanla Punsalan & Hao Jia  

July 9th-18th 2016 - Asian Schools Chess Championships, Tehran, IRAN.
Kiwis abroad: WCM Jasmine Zhang in the under-13 Girls section:

July 3rd 2016 - July ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st with 6/6: CM Alphaeus Ang
2nd Richard Meng
3rd= and also u-13= Vyanla Punsalan & Oliver Picken
u-16= Euan McDougall, Xinyang Liu & Ryan Nguyen
u-10 Sravan Renjith
Full results on Vega:
Photos, with thanks to Simon Lyall:

Alphaeus Ang & Alex Huang   Richard Meng   Oliver Picken & Vyanla Punsalan
1st CM Alphaeus Ang, with organiser Alex Huang   2nd Richard Meng   3rd/u-13= Oliver Picken & Vyanla Punsalan
Ryan Nguyen   Sravan Renjith  
u-16= Ryan Nguyen   u-10 Sravan Renjith  

June 25th 2016 - Upper Hutt Open "25 + 5" Tournament, Upper Hutt.
1st FM Scott Wastney
2nd IM Anthony Ker
3rd= FM Mark Noble, Ross Jackson, & Jeremy Knowles
1st Vyanla Punsalan
2nd Dion Charles
3rd Patrick Cunningham
1st Bernardo Tagos
2nd Jay Giles
3rd= Nicholas O'Kane & Marc Landrain


No Name                         Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Wastney, Scott               2339 5     11:W 10:W  2:D  6:W  3:W  4:D
2  Ker, Anthony                 2387 4.5    8:W  7:D  1:D  4:W  6:W  3:D
3  Noble, Mark                  2318 3.5    4:W  6:D  7:D 10:W  1:L  2:D
4  Jackson, L Ross              1949 3.5    3:L  5:W 11:W  2:L 12:W  1:D
5  Knowles, Jeremy              2035 3.5    6:L  4:L 12:W  7:D  9:W 10:W
6  Dive, Russell                2417 3      5:W  3:D  9:W  1:L  2:L  7:D
7  James, Jack                  2080 3     12:W  2:D  3:D  5:D  8:L  6:D
8  Burns, Chris                 2022 3      2:L 12:W 10:L  9:L  7:W 11:W
9  Nijman, Brian                2126 3     10:L 11:W  6:L  8:W  5:L 12:W
10 Barraza-Perez, Jesus (Jesse) 1900 2      9:W  1:L  8:W  3:L 11:L  5:L
11 Sellen, Ian                  1991 2      1:L  9:L  4:L 12:W 10:W  8:L
12 Winfield, Alan               1825 0      7:L  8:L  5:L 11:L  4:L  9:L


No Name                  Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Punsalan, Vyanla M    1463 5.5    3:W  7:W  5:W  8:D  2:W  4:W
2  Charles, Dion         1607 4.5    7:D 10:W  4:W  5:W  1:L  6:W
3  Cunningham, Patrick D 1626 4      1:L  4:L  9:W  7:W  5:W  8:W
4  Stoeveken, Peter      1645 3.5   10:D  3:W  2:L  6:W  8:W  1:L
5  Winter, Ryan          1700 3      9:W  6:W  1:L  2:L  3:L 10:W
6  List, Robert          1669 3      8:W  5:L  7:W  4:L  9:W  2:L
7  Burns, Guy            1772 2.5    2:D  1:L  6:L  3:L 10:W  9:W
8  Brockway, Andrew      1591 2.5    6:L  9:W 10:W  1:D  4:L  3:L
9  Capper, David         1604 1      5:L  8:L  3:L 10:W  6:L  7:L
10 Watling, Ray          1550 .5     4:D  2:L  8:L  9:L  7:L  5:L


No Name                 Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Tagos, Bernardo      1399 6     14:W  9:W  2:W  4:W  3:W  5:W
2  Giles, Jay           1350 4.5    6:D  8:W  1:L 12:W 10:W  4:W
3  O'Kane, Nicholas     1475 4      5:W  7:W  4:L  6:W  1:L 10:W
4  Landrain, Marc       1400 4     12:W 13:W  3:W  1:L  5:W  2:L
5  Ross, Sol            1315 3      3:L 11:W  9:W  7:W  4:L  1:L
6  Orr, William         1282 3      2:D 12:D 13:W  3:L  9:D  8:D
7  Legner, Boris        1390 3     11:W  3:L 10:D  5:L 13:D  9:W
8  Harmon, Rua          1493 3     13:L  2:L 11:D 14:W 12:W  6:D
9  Stannard, Lars       1325 2.5   10:W  1:L  5:L 11:W  6:D  7:L
10 Hutchinson, Al       1190 2.5    9:L 14:W  7:D 13:W  2:L  3:L
11 Cookson, Eric        1302 2.5    7:L  5:L  8:D  9:L 14:W 12:W
12 van Rynbach, Cameron 1310 1.5    4:L  6:D 14:W  2:L  8:L 11:L
13 Joseph, Martin       1315 1.5    8:W  4:L  6:L 10:L  7:D 14:L
14 Luo, Vincent         1304 1      1:L 10:L 12:L  8:L 11:L 13:W


No Name                  Loc Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Fletcher, Sam         994 5     10:W  4:W  9:W  2:W  5:W  3:L
2  Darr, Samuel          997 5     15:W  7:W  3:W  1:L  4:W  5:W
3  Dunlop, Rafe          986 5     12:W  6:W  2:L  7:W 14:W  1:W
4  Pogson, Connor        981 4      0:W  1:L 14:W 10:W  2:L  7:W
5  He, Caleb             992 3.5    6:D  8:W 12:W  9:W  1:L  2:L
6  Oliver, Craig         999 3.5    5:D  3:L  7:L 13:W 12:W  8:W
7  Dai, Zhiheng          988 3      8:W  2:L  6:W  3:L  9:W  4:L
8  Malton, Isabella      995 3      7:L  5:L 11:W 15:W 10:W  6:L
9  Knowles, Joshua       989 3     11:W 14:W  1:L  5:L  7:L 13:W
10 Stannard, Bobby       987 3      1:L  0:W 13:W  4:L  8:L 15:W
11 You, Jason (Yunxiang) 996 3      9:L 13:L  8:L  0:W 15:W 14:W
12 Smith, Callum         993 2      3:L 15:W  5:L 14:L  6:L  0:W
13 He, Paul              991 2     14:L 11:W 10:L  6:L  0:W  9:L
14 Blitz, Zachary        998 2     13:W  9:L  4:L 12:W  3:L 11:L
15 Taramai, Kingsley     990 1      2:L 12:L  0:W  8:L 11:L 10:L

June 22nd 2016 - Auckland Girls Chess Championship, Auckland.
Under 18
1 Raani Kelderman Epsom Girls Grammar 4
2= Heleine Chankay Epsom Girls Grammar 3
2= Chelsea Samuel Baradene College 3
2= Madeline Storey Epsom Girls Grammar 3
2= Shuang (Lola) Zhan Auckland International College 3
Under 16
1 Kate Song Selwyn College 5.5
2= Sarah Yan Mt Roskill Grammar 5
2= Olivia Dong Kings College 5
Under 14
1 Caroline Yan Mt Roskill Grammar 5.5
2 Daniela Lin Diocesan school for Girls 4.5
3= Jasmine Podmore Hamilton Girls High 4
3= Crystal Chanwong Auckland Girls Grammar 4
Under 12
1 Kimberley Yuan St Cuthbert's College 6
2= Zoe Guan St Cuthbert's College 5
2= Jennifer Zhang St Cuthbert's College 5
2= Charlotte Wen St Cuthbert's College 5
2= Renae Ghadiali Hillsborough Primary 5
Under 10
1 Selena Xi Hu Kohia Terrace School 6
2 Emma Zhuang Willow Park Primary 5
3 Victoria Fan Blockhouse Bay Primary 4.5
Under 8
1= Anya Thurner Kaurilands Primary 4
1= Isabelle Ning Kristin School 4
1= Rui Chen Wang Willow Park Primary 4

Over 12

No Name                Feder Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Caroline Yan        U14   5.5   27:W 34:W 10:W  3:W  2:D  5:W
2  Kate Song           U16   5.5   23:W 40:W  8:W  9:W  1:D  7:W
3  Sarah Yan           U16   5     32:W 21:W 15:W  1:L  8:W  6:W
4  Olivia Dong         U16   5     29:W 20:L 33:W 24:W 19:W 15:W
5  Daniela Lin         U14   4.5   37:W 16:W  6:W 11:D  9:W  1:L
6  Kirushni Suthakaran U16   4     12:W 26:W  5:L 22:W 10:W  3:L
7  Raani Kelderman     U18   4     19:W  8:L 25:W 26:W 11:W  2:L
8  Bella Qian          U16   4     38:W  7:W  2:L 36:W  3:L 18:W
9  Jasmine Podmore     U14   4     28:W 18:W 22:W  2:L  5:L 25:W
10 Crystal Zhu         U16   4     33:W 24:W  1:L 20:W  6:L 21:W
11 Karen Geng          U16   4     31:D 23:W 20:W  5:D  7:L 19:W
12 Bhavani Singh       U16   4      6:L 37:W 21:W 15:D 31:W 16:D
13 Crystal Chanwong    U14   4     25:W 15:L 19:L 33:W 24:W 20:W
14 Anvilly Huang       U16   4     42:W 22:L 27:W 18:L 23:W 28:W
15 Yuyang Li           U16   3.5   43:W 13:W  3:L 12:D 18:W  4:L
16 Shriya Kelderman    U14   3.5   36:W  5:L 18:L 29:W 22:W 12:D
17 Eleanor Field       U14   3.5   21:L 32:D 31:L 45:W 30:W 34:W
18 Sarah Park          U16   3     30:W  9:L 16:W 14:W 15:L  8:L
19 Heleine Chankay     U18   3      7:L 38:W 13:W 34:W  4:L 11:L
20 Jayti Pattni        U14   3     44:W  4:W 11:L 10:L 35:W 13:L
21 Zoe Holden          U16   3     17:W  3:L 12:L 39:W 36:W 10:L
22 Gianna Lin          U14   3     35:W 14:W  9:L  6:L 16:L 33:W
23 Chelsea Samuel      U18   3      2:L 11:L 44:W 38:W 14:L 39:W
24 Ana-Reini Kautai    U14   3     41:W 10:L 42:W  4:L 13:L 38:W
25 Madeline Storey     U18   3     13:L 43:W  7:L 41:W 34:W  9:L
26 Rachel Ravi         U16   3     46:W  6:L 35:W  7:L 28:L 31:W
27 Shuang (Lola) Zhan  U18   3      1:L 31:W 14:L 35:L 32:W 41:W
28 Amey Smith          U16   3      9:L 35:L 37:W 40:W 26:W 14:L
29 Kate Shirley        U16   3      4:L 44:W 34:L 16:L 37:W 35:W
30 Bonnie Von Trott    U14   3     18:L 39:L 43:W 42:W 17:L 36:W
31 Selena Zhang        U16   2.5   11:D 27:L 17:W 32:W 12:L 26:L
32 Rita Araboo         U16   2.5    3:L 17:D 39:W 31:L 27:L 42:W
33 Fankun Yin          U16   2     10:L 41:W  4:L 13:L 43:W 22:L
34 Samantha Ah Loo     U18   2     45:W  1:L 29:W 19:L 25:L 17:L
35 Anisha Ng Wun       U14   2     22:L 28:W 26:L 27:W 20:L 29:L
36 Mahek Nangia        U18   2     16:L 45:W 40:W  8:L 21:L 30:L
37 Skyler Macfarlane   U14   2      5:L 12:L 28:L 44:W 29:L 45:W
38 Drishti Murara      U14   2      8:L 19:L 46:W 23:L 40:W 24:L
39 Manisha Nanthakumar U14   2     40:L 30:W 32:L 21:L 42:W 23:L
40 Tiare Sanday        U18   2     39:W  2:L 36:L 28:L 38:L 43:W
41 Keanne Arado        U14   2     24:L 33:L 45:W 25:L 46:W 27:L
42 Julie Cui           U16   1     14:L 46:W 24:L 30:L 39:L 32:L
43 Jaynisha Bhikha     U14   1     15:L 25:L 30:L 46:W 33:L 40:L
44 Yanika Saluya       U14   1     20:L 29:L 23:L 37:L 45:D 46:D
45 Vishhaya Lal        U14   .5    34:L 36:L 41:L 17:L 44:D 37:L
46 Shumaysah Sulaman   U14   .5    26:L 42:L 38:L 43:L 41:L 44:D

Under 12

o Name                 Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Kimberley Yuan       6     37:W 12:W 15:W 10:W  2:W  8:W
2  Zoe Guan             5     16:W  9:W  7:W 19:W  1:L  6:W
3  Jennifer Zhang       5     25:W 29:W  8:W  4:L  9:W 12:W
4  Charlotte Wen        5     34:W 21:W 11:W  3:W  6:L 15:W
5  Renae Ghadiali       5     14:W 19:L 16:W 18:W 21:W  7:W
6  Sylvia McDougall     4     43:W 20:W 10:L 13:W  4:W  2:L
7  Erica Yue Hu         4      0:W 39:W  2:L 20:W 10:W  5:L
8  Saasha Ghadiali      4     28:W 18:W  3:L 23:W 19:W  1:L
9  Krystal Lal          4     35:W  2:L 26:W 11:W  3:L 22:W
10 Julie Li             4     24:W 17:W  6:W  1:L  7:L 19:W
11 Celia Chanwong       4     22:W 13:W  4:L  9:L 24:W 20:W
12 Anika Pattni         4     27:W  1:L 34:W 32:W 17:W  3:L
13 Helen Cai            4     42:W 11:L 28:W  6:L 27:W 21:W
14 Kira Armstrong       4      5:L 33:L 41:W 36:W 39:W 30:W
15 Mikayla Eade         3.5   23:W 32:W  1:L 17:D 30:W  4:L
16 Caitlin Sutton       3.5    2:L 35:W  5:L 26:W 29:W 18:D
17 Jaclyn Wang          3.5   26:W 10:L 22:W 15:D 12:L 32:W
18 Tiffany You          3.5   41:W  8:L 33:W  5:L 28:W 16:D
19 Brena Merz           3     33:W  5:W 29:W  2:L  8:L 10:L
20 Haylie Yu Hei Wong   3     30:W  6:L 27:W  7:L 23:W 11:L
21 Atia Leonhartsberger 3     31:W  4:L 36:W 39:W  5:L 13:L
22 Maggie Robins        3     11:L 42:W 17:L 31:W 32:W  9:L
23 Eva Wu               3     15:L 40:W 37:W  8:L 20:L 34:W
24 Karen Wang           3     10:L 26:L 35:W 42:W 11:L 38:W
25 Nuala Edmundson      3      3:L 38:W 32:L 30:L 41:W 33:W
26 Lydias Yong          2.5   17:L 24:W  9:L 16:L 38:D 39:W
27 Samantha So          2.5   12:L 37:W 20:L 43:W 13:L 29:D
28 Jade Perry           2.5    8:L 41:W 13:L 33:W 18:L 31:D
29 Katherine Brzozowski 2.5   38:W  3:L 19:L 34:W 16:L 27:D
30 Hien Tran            2.5   20:L 43:W 39:D 25:W 15:L 14:L
31 Lizzy Robins         2.5   21:L 34:L  0:W 22:L 42:W 28:D
32 Shweta Mann          2     40:W 15:L 25:W 12:L 22:L 17:L
33 Isabella Numulauulu  2     19:L 14:W 18:L 28:L 37:W 25:L
34 Lorelle Kemp         2      4:L 31:W 12:L 29:L 36:W 23:L
35 Mia Booy             2      9:L 16:L 24:L 37:L  0:W 43:W
36 Chanel Zaia          2     39:L  0:W 21:L 14:L 34:L 42:W
37 Mika Ting            2      1:L 27:L 23:L 35:W 33:L 41:W
38 Eshana Kumar         2     29:L 25:L 43:D 40:W 26:D 24:L
39 Michelle Chen        1.5   36:W  7:L 30:D 21:L 14:L 26:L
40 Mayleen Seuiavatele  1.5   32:L 23:L 42:L 38:L 43:D  0:W
41 Merani Seabourne     1     18:L 28:L 14:L  0:W 25:L 37:L
42 Crista Sanvictores   1     13:L 22:L 40:W 24:L 31:L 36:L
43 Shivanjali Bhan      1      6:L 30:L 38:D 27:L 40:D 35:L

Under 10

No Name                   Feder Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Selena Xi Hu           U10   6      3:W  2:W  9:W  6:W 10:W  4:W
2  Emma Zhuang            U10   5     18:W  1:L 13:W 14:W 12:W  5:W
3  Victoria Fan           U10   4.5    1:L 27:W 18:W 19:D 21:W 10:W
4  Anya Thurner           U8    4     21:W  8:W  6:L  7:W 11:W  1:L
5  Isabelle Ning          U8    4     17:W 24:W  7:W 10:L  6:W  2:L
6  Khushi Pahuja          U10   4     11:W 12:W  4:W  1:L  5:L 13:W
7  Elaine Zhang           U10   4     19:W 13:W  5:L  4:L 15:W 12:W
8  Emily You              U10   4     20:W  4:L 12:L 22:W 18:W 11:W
9  Rui Chen Wang          U8    4     27:W 16:W  1:L 11:L 24:W 19:W
10 Chantelle Vossen-Chong U10   3.5   25:W 14:D 15:W  5:W  1:L  3:L
11 Rushni De Silva        U10   3      6:L 28:W 20:W  9:W  4:L  8:L
12 Maya Ali               U8    3     23:W  6:L  8:W 21:W  2:L  7:L
13 Leah Pistorius         U10   3     26:W  7:L  2:L 17:W 19:W  6:L
14 Catherine Poor         U10   3     22:W 10:D 19:L  2:L 26:W 18:D
15 Alex Harries           U10   3     16:D 22:D 10:L 25:W  7:L 21:W
16 Cheyanne Moss          U10   3     15:D  9:L 22:D 18:L 20:W 24:W
17 Sarah Brown            U10   3      5:L 20:L 28:W 13:L 25:W 23:W
18 Hao (Mary) Li          U10   2.5    2:L 26:W  3:L 16:W  8:L 14:D
19 Crystal Hart           U10   2.5    7:L 25:W 14:W  3:D 13:L  9:L
20 Maxine Barry           U10   2.5    8:L 17:W 11:L 24:D 16:L 26:W
21 Ashley Edwards         U10   2      4:L 23:W 24:W 12:L  3:L 15:L
22 Gina Smoldon           U10   2     14:L 15:D 16:D  8:L 23:L 28:W
23 Valmalani Macdonald    U8    2     12:L 21:L 25:L 27:W 22:W 17:L
24 Bailee Morgan          U10   1.5   28:W  5:L 21:L 20:D  9:L 16:L
25 Anahita Madon          U10   1.5   10:L 19:L 23:W 15:L 17:L 27:D
26 Jahnia Campbell        U10   1.5   13:L 18:L 27:W 28:D 14:L 20:L
27 Binuri Marasinghe      U10   1      9:L  3:L 26:L 23:L 28:D 25:D
28 Alyssa Yee             U10   1     24:L 11:L 17:L 26:D 27:D 22:L
Auckland Girls   Auckland Girls   Auckland Girls
Organiser Viv Smith with Olivia Dong (3rd=), Caroline Yan & Kate Song (1st=) and Sarah Yan (3rd=)   Jasmine Podmore (3rd= Under 14 from Hamilton Girls High) is black vs Daniela Lin (2nd Under 14 from Diocesan)   General view
Bob Smith   Auckland Girls   Auckland Girls
Chief Arbiter and Organiser, FM Bob Smith   Selena Xi Hu Under 10 champion (Kohia Terrace School) plays Anya Thurner 1st= Under 8 (Kaurilands Primay)   Kimberley Yuan Under 12 champion (St Cuthberts College) plays Saasha Ghadiali (Hillsborough Primary)
Auckland Girls    
Co-champions Kate Song (Selwyn College) and Caroline Yan (Mt Roskill Grammar)    

June 18th 2016 - Waikato Rapid, Hamilton.
1st= FM Bob Smith & Etienne De Beer
3rd Gino Thornton
Grade Prize: Graham Nolan & Milton Severinsen
Under 1800
1st Oliver Picken
2nd William Lynn
3rd= Don Eade, Hilton Jacobs & Damian Eades
Grade I Prize: Sravan Renjith & Vyanla Punsalan
Grade II Prize: Lara Heppenstall
Under 1200/Junior
1st Michail Andreef
2nd Joel Crombie
3rd= Sean Clark, Tiana Mayo, Grace Li & Alexander Mayo
Grade Prize: Nathan Alegado

Full results on Vega (with thanks to Keong Ang for regenerating the files): Open; Under 1800; Junior/under 1200.

May 29th - June 7th 2016 - ASEAN+ Age Group Championships, Pattaya, THAILAND.
Kiwis abroad:
Sravan Renjith (under 8):
Standard rate:
Blitz: Bronze medal:
Simul versus GM Eugenio Torre: Sravan was awarded a gold medal for drawing his game (there were 4 draws and no wins).
Helen Milligan (Seniors 50+):
Standard rate:
Medals were (unexpectedly) awarded for Best Woman in the Seniors 50+ and all three golds went to Helen.

Sravan Renjith   Sravan Renjtih v Eugenio Torre  
Sravan Renjith   GM Eugenio Torre making no progress against Sravan  
Sravan Renjith   Helen Milligan  
Bronze medal for Sravan Renjith (Under-8 Blitz)   Women's 50+ gold medals: Helen Milligan  

June 12th 2016 - Auckland Interclubs, Auckland.
(Final round).
Auckland CC finished 1st, ahead of North Shore who had the same number of match points as Howick-Pakuranga but edged them out on game points. Papatoetoe finished 4th.
Lots of photos, thanks to Simon Lyall: Rd 3
Rd 2
Rd 1

    1 2 3 4 GP MP
1 Auckland   3.5 5 5.5 14.0 6.0
2 North Shore 2.5   3 5.5 11.0 3.0
3 Howick-Pakuranga 1 3   5.5 9.5 3.0
4 Papatoetoe 0.5 0.5 0.5   1.5 0.0

June 4th-6th 2016 - 39th Trusts Chess Open, Auckland.
A grade
1st FM Ben Hague
2nd FM Mark Noble
3rd= IM Russell Dive, FM Alexei Kulashko, NM Leonard McLaren, FM Bob Smith, John Duneas & Matthew McNabb
Grade 1 Gino Thornton
Grade 2 Paul MacDonald & CM William Forster
Grade 3 CM Helmut Marko
B grade
1st Don Eade
2nd = Clinton Wells & Dion Charles
Grade 1 Philip Mukkattu & Oliver Picken
Grade 2 Richard Meng
Grade 3 Nicole Qin
C Grade
1st Olivia Dong
2nd Raymond Hill
3rd= Oliver Dai, Barry Hooton & Euan McDougall
Grade 1 Leo Zhang
Grade 2 Aleck Shen (3rd= overall)
Grade 3 Alex Pakholjuk & Joji Joseph (3rd= overall)
Junior Tournament
1st Saasha Ghadiali
2nd Eric Liang
3rd Allen Li
Under 10 Jeffrey Yu & Winston Weng
Under 8 1st Felix Xie
Under 8 2nd=Ryan Zhang & Sean Liu

Full results on Vega: A-Grade (with games)

Photos, thanks to Lin Nah & Simon Lyall:
Day 1: 4 June 2016
Day 2: 5 June 2016
Day 3: 6 June 2016
Prizegiving on 6 June 2016

Ben Hague   Mark Noble   3rd= players
1st FM Ben Hague   2nd FM Mark Noble   3rd= Matthew McNabb, FM Bob Smith, John Duneas, IM Russell Dive, FM Alexei Kulashko, & NM Leonard McLaren
Paul Macdonald   Don Eade   Dion Charles & Clinton Wells
Grade 2 Paul Macdonald   B-Grade 1st Don Eade   B-Grade 2nd= Dion Charles & Clinton Wells
Oliver Picken & Philip Mukkattu   Richard Meng   Olivia Dong
B-Grade, Grade 1 Oliver Picken & Philip Mukkattu   B-Grade, Grade 2 Richard Meng   C-Grade 1st Olivia Dong
Raymond Hill   3rd= players in C-grade   Saasha Ghadiali
C-Grade 2nd Raymond Hill   C-Grade 3rd= Alex Pakholjuk, Barry Hooton & Joji Joseph   Junior 1st Saasha Ghadiali
Eric Liang   Allen Li   Warren Flaunty
Junior 2nd Eric Liang   Junior 3rd Allen Li   Warren Flaunty from the Trusts Community Foundation, the main sponsor, makes the symbolic first move on board 1.

May 25th - June 5th 2016 - Asian Individual Championship (Open and Women), Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN.
Kiwis abroad: FM Stephen Lukey -
Standard event and

April 23rd-25th 2016 - New Zealand Seniors Championship, Mount Maunganui.
1st with 5/6 and NZ Seniors Champion: IM Russell Dive
2nd FM Bob Smith
3rd= Helmut Marko, Hilton Bennett & Grant Kerr (also NZ Veterans Champion)
Grade 1: William Lynn
Grade 2: Merv Sutton

Full results and games are now available on Vega: NZ Seniors.
Many thanks to Keong Ang for facilitating this!

NZ Seniors
NZ Seniors Champion Russell Dive (centre) with tournament organiser and runner-up Bob Smith (right) and Mount Chess Club co-founder Viv Smith (left).

April 23rd-25th 2016 - ACC ANZAC Weekender, Auckland.
1st with 6/6: FM Ben Hague
2nd= FM Alexei Kulashko & CM Helen Milligan
4th= FM Mike Steadman, Gino Thornton, CM Daniel Gong & WCM Jasmine Zhang (taking the under-1800 prize)
Under-1800: 2nd Oliver Picken; 3rd= Bill Crombie, Kate Song & Aaron Wang
Under-1500: 1st Euan McDougall; 2nd= Alexander Laughland, Vyanla Punsalan & James Welsh
Under-1200: 1st= Ying Wang & Jacob Barry; 3rd= Selena Hu, Renae Ghadiali, Saasha Ghadiali & Eva Lourenco

Full results on Vega: ACC ANZAC Weekender
Lots of photos thanks to Simon Lyall:

Ben Hague   Helen Milligan & Alexei Kulashko   Daniel Gong & Mike Steadman
1st FM Ben Hague   2nd= CM Helen Milligan & FM Alexei Kulashko   4th= CM Daniel Gong & FM Mike Steadman
Jasmine Zhang   Oliver Picken   Aaron Wang
4th= and under-1800 1st: WCM Jasmine Zhang   under-1800 2nd: Oliver Picken   under-1800 3rd= Aaron Wang
James Welsh & Alexander Laughland   Jacob Barry & Ying Wang  
under-1500 2nd= James Welsh & Alexander Laughland   under-1200 1st= Jacob Barry & Ying Wang  

April 10th-17th 2016 - Bangkok Open, Bangkok, THAILAND.
Official website:
Kiwis abroad: Helen Milligan -

April 5th-15th 2016 - Asian Youth U8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Championships, Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA.
Official website:
Kiwis abroad: follow Allen Fan at

March 24th-28th 2016 - Doeberl Cup, Canberra, AUSTRALIA.
Kiwis abroad: FM Luke Li, FM Bob Smith, Tony Dowden.

March 25th-27th 2016 - Wellington Open, Wellington.
Organised by Wellington Chess Club.
1st FM Scott Wastney
2nd= IM Russell Dive, Gino Thornton, FM Nic Croad
B Grade
1st Leighton Nicholls
2nd= Yogesh Kulkarni, Kate Song
C Grade
1st= Sravan Renjith, Fabian Day, Josh Wight

Full results on Vega: Wellington Open

Photos thanks to Guy Burns:
Photos thanks to Lin Nah & Simon Lyall:

March 19th 2016 - Howick-Pakuranga Annual Latvian Rapidplay, Pakuranga, Auckland.
1st= IM Paul Garbett & Evan Capel (Malaysia)
3rd FM Ben Hague
4th FM Alexei Kulashko
Grade 1: CM Daniel Gong, Prashant Mistry & Benjamin Lim
Grade 2: Martin Post & Richard Dare
1st= Caroline Yan & Kate Song
3rd Philip Mukkattu
4th= and Grade prizes: Don Eade, WCM Jasmine Zhang, Richard Meng, Nicole Qin, & Vyanla Punsalan
1st Oliver Picken
2nd Temu Maroroa
3rd Stephen Peak
Grade prizes: Alex Laughland & James Welsh
1st Henry Parker
2nd Scott Craig
3rd= and Grade prizes: Selwyn Lin, Ronnie Chen, Allen Li, Xinton Weng, Ying Wang

Full results on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; C-Grade; D-Grade
Photos thanks to Simon Lyall and Lin Nah:

Evan Capel, Martin Dreyer, Paul Garbett   Ben Hague   Alexei Kulashko
1st= Evan Capel (left) and IM Paul Garbett (right). Sponsor Martin Dreyer (centre) presented the prizes.   3rd FM Ben Hague   4th FM Alexei Kulashko
Prashant Mistry & Daniel Gong   Richard Dare   Kate Song & Caroline Yan
Grade 1: Prashant Mistry & CM Daniel Gong   Grade 2: Richard Dare   B-Grade: 1st= Kate Song & Caroline Yan
Philip Mukkattu   Vyanla Punsalan, Don Eade, Richard Meng (front), WCM Jasmine Zhang & Nicole Qin   Oliver Picken
B-Grade: 3rd Philip Mukkattu   B-Grade 4th=/Grade prizes: Vyanla Punsalan, Don Eade, Richard Meng (front), WCM Jasmine Zhang & Nicole Qin   C-Grade: 1st Oliver Picken
Temu Maroroa   James Welsh & Alex Laughland   Henry Parker
C-Grade: 2nd Temu Maroroa   C-Grade: Grade prizes: James Welsh & Alex Laughland   D-Grade: 1st Henry Parker
 Ronnie Chen, Allen Li, Xinton Weng, Selwyn Lin & Ying Wang        
D-Grade: 3rd=/Grade prizes Ronnie Chen, Allen Li, Xinton Weng, Selwyn Lin & Ying Wang        

February 27th 2016 - Bay of Plenty Rapid, Mt. Maunganui.
1st (with 6/6) IM Russell Dive
2nd= CM Alphaeus Ang & FM Ben Hague
Best Mount Maunganui Player: FM Bob Smith
under-2100: CM Daniel Gong & Allen Fan
Under-1800: Prashant Mistry
1st Asheesh Gautam
2nd Simon Lyall
3rd= WFM Viv Smith & Colin Albert
under-1500: Thomas Gothorp & Mathew Steadman
under-1200: Milton Severinsen
1st (with 6/6) Kimberley Yuan
2nd Emily Massey
3rd Tamahau Brown
Age group 1: Rebekah Massey & Simon Wagstaff
Age group 2: William Massey

Full results on Vega: A-Grade, B-Grade, Junior.
Photos, thanks to Simon Lyall:

Noel Pinic & Russell Dive   Ben Hague & Alphaeus Ang with Noel Pinic   FM Bob Smith
1st IM Russell Dive; Noel Pinic (left) presented the prizes   2nd= FM Ben Hague & CM Alphaeus Ang   Best Mount Maunganui Player: FM Bob Smith
Allen Fan & Daniel Gong   Prashant Mistry   Asheesh Gautam
under 2100: Allen Fan & CM Daniel Gong   under 1800: Prashant Mistry   B-Grade: 1st Asheesh Gautam
Colin Albert & Viv Smith   Milton Severinsen   Kimberley Yuan
B-Grade 3rd= Colin Albert & wfm Viv Smith   B-Grade under-1200: Milton Severinsen   Junior: 1st Kimberley Yuan
Emily Massey   Tamahau Brown   Rebekah Massey & Simon Wagstaff
Junior: 2nd Emily Massey   Junior: 3rd Tamahau Brown   Age group 1: Rebekah Massey & Simon Wagstaff
William Massey        
Age group 2: William Massey        

February 7th 2016 - 4th HB Rapid Open, Napier.
1st= FM Bob Smith & FM Stephen Lukey
3rd CM Daniel Gong
4th FM Scott Wastney
1st Asheesh Gautam
2nd= Paraone Luiten-Apirana, Aaron Wang, Sravan Renjith & WFM Viv Smith
1st Ryan Winter
2nd Harry Brenton-Rule
3rd Aiden Tyler Zhao
4th Jeffrey Zhao

Full results on Vega: A-Grade, B-Grade, Junior.

Stephen Lukey & Bob Smith   CM Daniel Gong & Jim Benson   FM Scott Wastney
1st= FM Stephen Lukey & FM Bob Smith   3rd CM Daniel Gong with NZCF Patron Jim Benson (presenting the prizes)   4th FM Scott Wastney
Asheesh Gautam   Paraone Luiten-Apirana, WFM Viv Smith, Aaron Wang, & Sravan Renjith   Ryan Winter
B-Grade 1st Asheesh Gautam   B-Grade 2nd= Paraone Luiten-Apirana, WFM Viv Smith, Aaron Wang, & Sravan Renjith   Junior 1st Ryan Winter
Harry Brenton-Rule   Aiden Tyler Zhao   Jeffrey Zhao
Junior 2nd Harry Brenton-Rule   Junior 3rd Aiden Tyler Zhao   Junior 4th Jeffrey Zhao

January 30th - February 1st 2016 - Auckland Anniversary Weekender, Auckland.
1st= CM Helen Milligan & FM Ben Hague
3rd= Vinod Kumar, FM Mike Steadman & Paul Macdonald
under 1800:
1st= WCM Jasmine Zhang & William Crombie
3rd= Oliver Picken, Richard Meng & Akshay Sharma
under 1500:
1st Vyanla Punsalan
2nd= David Vincent, Benjamin Nylund & Timothy Nylund
under 1200:
1st Nadia Braganza
2nd Aleck Shen
3rd Sravan Renjith

Full results on Vega: Auckland Anniversary Weekender.

Ben Hague & Helen Milligan   Paul Macdonald, Mike Steadman & Vinod Kumar   Oliver Picken
1st= FM Ben Hague &CM Helen Milligan   3rd= Paul Macdonald, FM Mike Steadman & Vinod Kumar   u1800 3rd= Oliver Picken
Richard Meng   Vyanla Punsalan   Timothy Nylund & Benjamin Nylund
u1800 3rd= Richard Meng, with the 2015 Poison Pawn u1500 trophy   u1500 1st Vyanla Punsalan, with the 2015 Poison Pawn u12/u1200 trophy   u1500 2nd= Timothy Nylund & Benjamin Nylund
Nadia Braganza   Sravan Renjith  
u1200 1st Nadia Braganza   u1200 3rd Sravan Renjith  

The Poison Pawn Grand Prix
2015 Final standings

Open - 1st Ben Hague 100 ($700), 2nd Mike Steadman 90.5 ($450), 3rd Mark Noble 80 ($300), Robert Smith 58.3, Russell Dive 44.8, Paul Garbett 51.68, Gino Thornton 37.6, Hans Gao & Alexei Kulashko 36, Leonard McLaren 35.1.
Under 2100 - 1st Daniel Gong 94.5 ($250), 2nd Allen Fan 74.7 ($150), Layla Timergazi 69.7 (2nd in Female), 3rd Jack James 69.5 ($100), Helen Milligan 68.7, Antonio Krstev 64.4, Leo Zhang 64.1, Leighton Nicholls 55.33, Daniel Runcan 50, Timothy Rains 37.5.
Under 1800 - 1st Karl Zhu 65 ($250), 2nd Kate Song 63.36 ($150), 3rd Tony Wang 57.67 ($100), Jasmine Zhang 55.53, Hilton Jacobs 45.4, Philip Mukkattu 45.15, Wayne McDougall 38.9, Terry Shen 38.5, Prashant Mistry 37.25, Richard Meng 35.86.
Under 1500 - 1st Richard Meng 98.17 ($250), 2nd Aaron Wang 78.5 ($150), 3rd Oliver Picken 74.84 ($100), Wayne McDougall 68.17, Vyanla Punsalan 55.75, Dion Charles 52.67, Nicole Qin 48.05, Rodney Li 46.33, Louie Wei 42.5, Stephen Murdoch 39.75.
Junior - 1st Hans Gao 97.5 ($250), Daniel Gong 93.84 (1st u-2100), 2nd Alphaeus Ang 92.5 ($150), 3rd Leo Zhang 81.17 ($100), Allen Fan 76, Layla Timergazi 72.34, Jack James & Leighton Nicholls 68, Tony Wang 63.5, Richard Meng 58.4.
Under 12 & Under 1200 - Richard Meng 103.2 (1st u-1500), 1st Vyanla Punsalan 90.17 ($70), 2nd Mathew Steadman 85.5 ($50), 3rd Leo Li 76 ($30), Beatrice Ang 66.17, Oscar Qin 55.67, Sravan Renjith 55, Hugh Gao 48.5, Selwyn Lin 29.75, Andrew Li 29.25.
Female - 1st Helen Milligan 107.5 ($250), 2nd Layla Timergazi 97.5 ($150), 3rd Jasmine Zhang 79.5 ($100), Kate Song 77.9, Vivian Smith 77.5, Hananke Calitz 75.4, Joy Qin 68.75, Vyanla Punsalan 61.8, Nicole Qin 60, Caroline Yan 48.5.
Senior - Michael Steadman 107.5 (2nd Open), Mark Noble 93.17 (3rd Open), 1st Robert Smith 90.5 ($250), 2nd Paul Garbett 88.17 ($150), 3rd Leonard McLaren 80.75 ($100), Brian Nijman 57.25, Helen Milligan 56, Hilton Jacobs 45.1, Antonio Krstev 44, Viv Smith 41.2.
Veteran - 1st Nigel Cooper 102.5 ($250), 2nd Robert Gibbons 77.5 ($150), 3rd Bernard Carpinter 69 ($100), Neil Cruden 66.8, John McRae 57.4, Tony Booth 54.7, Wayne Power 54.5, John Pakenham 53.5, Richard Taylor 49, Gary Judkins 48.7.

Best non-prize-winning North Islander outside Auckland and Wellington: Colin Albert ($80)
Best non-prize-winning South Islander: Leighton Nicholls ($80)
Best non-prize-winning North Island Junior outside Auckland and Wellington: Hananke Calitz ($80)
Best non-prize-winning South Island Junior: Timothy Rains ($80)

Prizewinners: please note that cash prizes will be paid by online transfer. Contact Helen Milligan with your bank details for payment. The 1st placed player in each category (Open, u-2100, u-1800, u-1500, u-1200, Junior, Female, Senior, Veteran) receives a trophy - this will be presented at a forthcoming event if possible.

January 14th 2016 - Nigel Short Simul, Auckland.
Venue: Howick-Pakuranga CC. Nigel Short took on 17 opponents this time - and won all the games, again. Some games and comments can be found here:

  Name Rating
1 Gong, CM Daniel 2055
2 Gibbons, Bob 2003
3 Yee, Stan 1975
4 Spiller, CM Paul 1917
5 Booth, Tony 1766
6 Hooton, Barry 1593
7 Burgess, Ken 1580
8 Wang, Aaron 1576
9 Picken, Oliver 1501
10 Restrepo, Luisa 1380
11 Dai, Oliver 1231
12 McRae, John 1153
13 Han, Allan 974
14 Coventry, Ray 0
15 Zheng, Thomas 0
16 Thomas, Pauline 0
17 Ying Wang 0

January 13th 2016 - Nigel Short “Beauty versus the Beast” Simul, Auckland.
Venue: Aotea Square, Auckland CBD (courtesy of “Summer in the Square”). Legendary English Grandmaster Nigel Short took on 20 female opponents at once - and won all the games!

  Name Rating
1 Maroroa, WIM Sue 2107
2 Li, Shenyue (Sherry) 2007
3 Fairley, WFM Natasha 1762
4 Qin, Joy 1748
5 Pelayo, Jessica 1685
6 Song, Kate 1655
7 Yan, Sarah 1556
8 Qin, Nicole 1454
9 Restrepo, Luisa 1380
10 Punsalan, Vyanla 1356
11 Braganza, Nadia 1129
12 Lourenco, Eva 1050
13 Yuan, Kimberley 1012
14 Zhang, Jennifer 947
15 Ghadiali, Saasha 921
16 Ghadiali, Renae 870
17 Ryu, Rosa 849
18 Wen, Charlotte 836
19 Daly, Kirsten 0
20 Daly, Logan 0

Photos: see the album on the NZCF Facebook page,
News and video clips:

January 2nd-12th 2016 - 123rd New Zealand Chess Congress, Devonport, Auckland.
Official webpage: 123rd New Zealand Chess Congress
Pictorial reports: (in German)

Full results on Vega: NZ Open
Major Open
NZ Junior Open
NZ Rapid
NZ Blitz
Mad Morning Blitz 1
Mad Morning Blitz 2.

Games files in pgn format (thanks to Peter Stuart): NZ Open; Major Open
Photos thanks to Lin Nah and Simon Lyall:

NZ Open prizewinners:
New Zealand Open Champion: GM Gawain Jones
2nd= GM Ju Wenjun, GM Ma Qun, GM Nigel Short
New Zealand Champions: FM Alexei Kulashko & FM Mike Steadman
NZ Open Women's Champion: GM Ju Wenjun
NZ Open Seniors Champion: GM Nigel Short
Grading u-2200: NM Tony Dowden
Oceania Champion: FM Alexei Kulashko
Oceania Women's Champion: WIM Heather Richards

NZ Major Open prizewinners:
1st= Fuatai Fuatai & Vinod Kumar
3rd= Sean Christian Goh, Clinton Wells & Alan Aldridge
Grading u-1900: Sean Christian Goh & Alan Aldridge
Grading u-1700: Kate Song
Grading u-1500: Oliver Picken, Akshay Sharma & Rodney Li
Grading u-1400: Nicole Qin
Grading u-1300: Raivath Mallela
Grading u-1200: Nadia Braganza
Grading u-1100: Alex Fu
Grading u-1000: Jacob Barry

NZ Rapid prizewinners:
1st GM Ma Qun with an amazing 9/9
2nd GM Gawain Jones
NZ Rapid Champions: IM Paul Garbett, FM Bob Smith, FM Mark Noble & IM Puchen Wang
3rd= GM Ju Wenjun, IM Paul Garbett, FM Bob Smith, FM Mark Noble, IM Puchen Wang & Erik Moskow
Grading u-2200: IM Paul Garbett, FM Bob Smith & Erik Moskow
Grading u-2100: Jeffrey Boardman, Antonio Krstev & CM Alphaeus Ang
Grading u-2000: David Notley, Shenyue Li, Chris Burns & Leo Zhu
Grading u-1900: Hilton Jacobs
Grading u-1800: Caroline Yan
Grading u-1700: Hananke Calitz
Grading u-1600: Andrew Maroroa
Grading u-1400: Tan Teck Woon
Grading u-1200: Nadia Braganza
Grading u-1000: Saasha Ghadiali

NZ Junior Open prizewinners:
1st= Hans Gao & Allen Fan
3rd WFM Layla Timergazi
Best u-15: CM Alphaeus Ang
Best u-13: CM Daniel Gong
Trophy & Title u-20: Hans Gao
Trophy & Title u-16: WFM Layla Timergazi,
Trophy & Title u-14: Allen Fan
Trophy & Title u-10: Sravan Renjith

NZ Blitz prizewinners:
1st= GM Ma Qun & GM Gawain Jones
3rd GM Alexandr Fier
NZ Lightning Champion: IM Puchen Wang
Grading u-2100: Hans Gao
Grading u-2000: Daniel Runcan
Grading u-1900: CM Alphaeus Ang & Timothy Rains
Grading u-1800: Leighton Nicholls
Grading u-1600 Oliver Picken
Grading u-1400: Sravan Renjith
Grading u-1000: Hugh Gao

Gawain Jones & Maggie Barry   Alexei Kulashko & Mike Steadman   Ma Qun, Ju Wenjun & Nigel Short
New Zealand Open Champion: GM Gawain Jones with MP Maggie Barry   New Zealand Champions: FM Alexei Kulashko & FM Mike Steadman   Grant Kerr with 2nd= GM Ma Qun, GM Ju Wenjun, GM Nigel Short
Claire Barker & Ju Wenjun   Claire Barker & Nigel Short   Russell Dive, Gino Thornton, Anthony Ker & Bob Smith
Claire Barker with NZ Open Women's Champion: GM Ju Wenjun   Claire Barker with NZ Open Seniors Champion: GM Nigel Short   Silver Rook miniatures for last year's champions: IM Russell Dive, Gino Thornton, IM Anthony Ker & FM Bob Smith
Paul Spiller & Alexei Kulashko   Heather Richards   Nigel Short
Paul Spiller with Oceania Champion FM Alexei Kulashko   Oceania Women's Champion: WIM Heather Richards   A vote of thanks from Nigel Short
Chris Benson, Vinod Kumar & Fuatai Fuatai   Alan Aldridge & Clinton Wells   Kate Song
Chris Benson with Major Open Champions Vinod Kumar & Fuatai Fuatai   Major Open 3rd= Alan Aldridge & Clinton Wells   Major Open Grading u-1700: Kate Song
Akshay Sharma & Oliver Picken   Raivath Mallela & Nadia Braganza    
Major Open Grading u-1500: Akshay Sharma & Oliver Picken   Major Open Grading u-1300: Raivath Mallela, and Grading u-1200: Nadia Braganza
Ma Qun   Gawain Jones   IM Paul Garbett, FM Bob Smith, IM Puchen Wang & FM Mark Noble
NZ Rapid: 1st GM Ma Qun   NZ Rapid: 2nd GM Gawain Jones   NZ Rapid Champions: IM Paul Garbett, FM Bob Smith, IM Puchen Wang & FM Mark Noble
Erik Moskow, IM Paul Garbett & FM Bob Smith   Alphaeus Ang, Antonio Krstev & Jeffrey Boardman   Leo Zhu, Chris Burns, Shenyue Li  & David Notley
NZ Rapid Grading u-2200: Erik Moskow, IM Paul Garbett & FM Bob Smith   NZ Rapid Grading u-2100: CM Alphaeus Ang, Antonio Krstev & Jeffrey Boardman   NZ Rapid Grading u-2000: Leo Zhu, Chris Burns, Shenyue Li & David Notley
  Andrew Maroroa   Hananke Calitz
NZ Rapid Grading u-1400: Tan Teck Woon   NZ Rapid Grading u-1600: Andrew Maroroa   NZ Rapid Grading u-1700: Hananke Calitz
Hilton Jacobs        
NZ Rapid Grading u-1900: Hilton Jacobs        

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