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Registering an event for FIDE rating

Prior to registering an event for FIDE rating, the entry form must be listed online on the calendar page of the NZCF website - The contact email address for organisers to submit entry forms to is:

The following information is essential and should be provided to Michael Freeman at least one month before the event:
a) The event name and location;
b) The start and finish dates (which cannot span more than 90 days);
c) The number of rounds;
d) The number of days that have more than one game per day;
e) The format - round robin or swiss;
f) The expected number of players;
g) The time control - standard / rapid / blitz, plus an English description of time for moves and any increments;
h) The arbiter(s) (who must be licensed with FIDE);
i) The organiser;
j) The pairing software being used (in NZ this should be Vega);
k) The tiebreak system (NZ usually uses 1. Direct Encounter. 2. Cumulative (Sum of Progressive Scores). 3. Total Buchholz. 4. Sonneborn-Berger. 5. Buchholz Cut1.);
l) Any age restrictions - junior/senior;
m) Any sex/gender restrictions;
n) The email of someone who can be contacted if required.

If you are running an event (for example, a club championship) that spans more than one month (ie more than one FIDE rating period) then please get in touch with NZCF to discuss the procedure for submitting results for grading.

Once the event has been completed, the FIDE rating report should be emailed to Michael Freeman immediately; full results (including Vega files) emailed to the NZCF Secretary and Rowan Wood. Organisers are reminded that all non-NZL players must have a FIDE ID and that dates of birth must be provided for every NZL player without a FIDE ID.


Payments to NZCF

NZCF payment form (Last update 11th January 2017)
Spreadsheet version with notes on fees due.
Download the club affiliation form here (Word document) - clubs should return this by 31st March.



NZCF Ratings:

Ratings last updated 28 Jan 2018

Alphabetical (spreadsheet)
Standard (Active) (ranking list)
Rapid (Active) (ranking list)
Combined (Active) (ranking list)
Ratings by club
News (pdf document)

Rating lists in native Vega format - last update (with new player information) 31/12/2017. Anyone running tournaments with Vega should get into the habit of checking for Vega updates, new FIDE rating files, and new NZCF rating files before every event!



NZCF Registered Players (last updated 19th December 2017)
Tournament organisers are reminded that you must collect the $20 registration fee from unregistered NZ players. Events will be invoiced for unregistered players in rated events (including rated internal club events).


Anyone running tournaments with Vega should get into the habit of checking for Vega updates, new FIDE rating files, and new NZCF rating files before every event! Note that Vega is frequently updated; FIDE ratings come out every month; NZCF rating lists are updated with new player IDs after every rated event.
Vega: download link
NZ registration code:
download text file here.
Vega basic instructions:
read this text file.
Full Vega instructions (pdf document):
download here.

NZCF rating lists in native Vega format - last update (with new player information) 12/12/2017:



All FIDE-rated events must have a DOP who is a licensed FIDE arbiter:

4303660 Keong Ang   14309386 Martha Maria Calitz   4300734 Hilton Bennett
4300700 Robert Gibbons   2401312 Helen Milligan   4302699 Anthony Booth
4301030 Craig Hall   4307011 Ying Wang   4300467 Michael Roy Freeman
4303164 Bruce Pollard       4302460 Hans Gao
        4306325 Barry R Hooton
        4302508 Alex Huang
        4301480 Quentin J F Johnson
        4303148 Simon Lyall
        4300319 Mark Noble
        4305248 Henrik Nylund
        4301455 Philip Rossiter
        4300610 Ian Sellen
        4309065 Tingling (Lynn) Wei


You can download high-resolution gif images of the NZCF logo here:
Plain logo
Logo with text, horizontal
Logo with text, vertical



NZCF Handbook (2017 version and 2018 updates):
Directory (includes office-bearers and contact details)
Tournament rules
Team matches
Titles and awards
International events
Rating regulations
Grand Prix 2017
Interschools rules 2018



Badges: please contact Paul Spiller.


Master Points

NZ Master points (31st January 2018): Active Players (pdf document)


NZCF Chess Clubs

New Zealand Chess Clubs


Health and Safety

Draft NZCF Health & Safety document (pdf)


Wills and Bequests

How to leave money to NZCF (pdf document)


Tournament Archive

This is a temporary home to a new project to gather together historic NZCF tournament results. When it is more mature (in particular when more tournaments have been collected) it will likely be integrated with the Results Section of the website.

2017 Congress Open
2018 Congress Open
2018 Congress Major Open
2018 Congress Rapid
2018 Congress Blitz


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