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Registering an event for FIDE rating

Prior to registering an event for FIDE rating, the entry form must be listed online on the calendar page of the NZCF website - The contact email address for organisers to submit entry forms to is:

The following information is essential and should be provided to Michael Freeman at least one month before the event:

  1. The event name and location
  2. The start and finish dates (which cannot span more than 90 days)
  3. The number of rounds
  4. The number of days that have more than one game per day
  5. The format - round robin or swiss
  6. The expected number of players
  7. The time control - standard / rapid / blitz, plus an English description of time for moves and any increments
  8. The arbiter(s) (who must be licensed with FIDE)
  9. The organiser
  10. The pairing software being used (in NZ this is most often Vega)
  11. The principal tie-break system being used (in NZ this is usually Direct Encounter)
  12. Any age restrictions - junior/senior
  13. Any sex/gender restrictions
  14. The email of someone who can be contacted if required.

If you are running an event (for example, a club championship) that spans more than one month (ie more than one FIDE rating period) then please get in touch with NZCF to discuss the procedure for submitting results for grading.

Once the event has been completed, rating reports should be emailed immediately. The FIDE rating report should be emailed to Michael Freeman, the NZCF rating report should be mailed to Rowan Wood.

Organisers are reminded that all non-NZL players must have a FIDE ID and that dates of birth must be provided for every NZL player without a FIDE ID.

More information is provided in Step 6 of the NZCF Vega guide Getting Started With Vega.

Charges for FIDE Rating: these are payable by the tournament organiser to NZCF within two weeks of the tournament finishing – see the "Payments to NZCF" section below. Currently the charge per player in a Swiss-system event is $2.50 (special rates apply to Round Robins). Please make payment into the NZCF bank account and e-mail to advise the NZCF Secretary

Payments to NZCF

Please use the following forms to pay NZCF fees.

NZCF Application Forms

Some international tournaments offer incentives to official NZ representatives. A specific form will be produced for all such tournaments, the document below provides instructions for filling out these forms.

  • NZCF international tournament official representative instructions

NZCF Ratings

Ratings last updated 7th May 2020 (Vega ratings files below)

Combined (Active)

Rating lists in native Vega format.
Anyone running tournaments with Vega should get into the habit of checking for Vega updates (Menu Help> Check Update, the "online" version is Vega parlance for the latest version), new FIDE rating files, and new NZCF rating files before every event!

Note that it is quite common for new New Zealand Players to appear in the FIDE database before they appear in the New Zealand database. So for FIDE rated tournaments, arbiters please get in the habit of checking the FIDE database for new New Zealand players as well as foreign players.

Player Registrations

Players and tournament organisers are advised that at the NZCF Annual General Meeting in January 2019 the individual $20 Player Registration fee was abolished, as it had become cumbersome to collect. In future, all Affiliated and Associated Clubs will register their entire memberships with NZCF, greatly streamlining the process and reducing administration costs.

Starting with the year 2019 all NZ players who participate in more than one NZCF rated tournament in the calendar year MUST be Club Members. It is the responsibility of individual players to ensure they have joined a Club prior to playing their second tournament of the year.

Peter Stuart NZ Chess Database

See the History project.


Anyone running tournaments with Vega should get into the habit of checking for Vega updates, new FIDE rating files, and new NZCF rating files before every event! Note that Vega is frequently updated; FIDE ratings come out every month and often feature new NZ players before the NZCF rating file; NZCF rating lists are updated with new player IDs after every rated event.
Vega: download link
NZ registration code:
download text file here.
Vega basic instructions:
read this text file.
Full Vega instructions (pdf document):
download here.
A new NZCF Vega guide (Updated 10th December 2018)
download here.

NZCF rating lists in native Vega format - see Ratings section above.

NZCF Message Board

This is a space reserved for periodic low profile messages from NZCF to interested parties (typically club officials). The first message (posted 1st June 2019) is as follows;

At our Annual General Meeting in January 2019 a question was asked from the floor as to the breakdown of an item in the accounts called OTHER COSTS. We have now had a reconciliation, supplied by Martin Dreyer who reviews our annual accounts, as follows:

IT - Software Products $1487.88
Records Secure Storage $1535.00
Subscriptions $172.50
Printing, Postage & Stationary $954.90
Repairs & Maintenance $433.30
Miscellaneous Expenses $1735.62
Statutory Compliance Costs $51.11
Travel Costs $4327.84
Stock (Badges & Certificates) $3044.10
TOTAL $13,742.25


All FIDE (World Chess Federation) rated events require an Arbiter who is licensed with FIDE. There are one-off payments due to FIDE when an arbiter first qualifies for the title of National Arbiter, FIDE Arbiter and International Arbiter. Current NZCF policy is that the New Zealand Chess Federation will cover the initial FIDE fee due when a New Zealand arbiter first qualifies for the title of FIDE Arbiter (FA) and International Arbiter (IA). Any subsequent FIDE charges that may be levied in the future shall be the responsibility of the individual.

4303660 Keong Ang 14309386 Martha Maria Calitz 4300734 Hilton Bennett
4300700 Robert Gibbons 4309065 Tingling (Lynn) Wei 4302699 Anthony Booth
4301030 Craig Hall   4300467 Michael Roy Freeman
4303164 Bruce Pollard   4302460 Hans Gao
2401312 Helen Milligan   4306325 Barry R Hooton
4307011 Ying Wang   4302508 Alex Huang
    4301480 Quentin J F Johnson
    4303148 Simon Lyall
    4300319 Mark Noble
    4305248 Henrik Nylund
    4301455 Philip Rossiter
    4300610 Ian Sellen
    4310225 Dan Ru Yang
    4307305 Oliver Dai
    4311272 Jingbo Wei

Titled Players

Living New Zealand FIDE titled players. These international titles are awarded by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, based on meritorious performance in international events. There is a fee charged by FIDE before a title is awarded. The current policy of NZCF is to pay the fee on behalf of New Zealand players who qualify for GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM and WFM titles. NZCF does not cover the cost of CM or WCM titles – this is up to individual players, should they wish to accept the award. Please report any omissions or other errors to the Web Administrator (see Contact Us page)

Murray Chandler Puchen Wang Ben Hague
Anthony Ker Luke Li
Russell Dive Alexei Kulashko
Paul Garbett Nicolas Croad
Ben Martin Bruce Watson
Vernon Small Daniel Gong
Michael Steadman
Robert Smith
Mark Noble
Leonard McLaren
Stephen Lukey
Robert Gibbons
Scott Wastney
Roger Nokes
Martin Dreyer
Jonathan Sarfati
Peter Green
Ewen Green
Anthony Love
Alan Ansell
Alphaeus Ang
Allen Fan
John Duneas
Jack James Edward Rains Helen Milligan
Hilton Bennett Benjamin Lim Stanley Yee
Paul Spiller Richard Meng Bill Forster
Alex Nagorski Oliver Picken Don Eade
Michael Freeman Bruce Wheeler Ivan Dordevic
Leo Zhang Alex Huang Timothy Rains
Richard Taylor Tony Dowden  
Layla Timergazi Marany Meyer Jasmine Zhang
Helen Milligan Vyanla Punsalan Judy Gao
Natasha Fairley Nicole Tsoi Vivian Smith
Joy Qin Nicole Qin Eachen Chen
Shirley Wu Kate Song Nadia Braganza
Eva Lourenco Renae Ghadiali  


You can download high-resolution gif images of the NZCF logo here:
Plain logo
Logo with text, horizontal
Logo with text, vertical


NZCF Handbook (this area currently undergoing streamlining):
Constitution (updated 11/03/2019, then clerical error fixed 30/8/2019)
Supplementary regulations (updated 11/03/2019)
Tournament rules
Team matches
International events
Rating regulations
Interschools rules 2020


See the Badge Scheme Page.

National Masters

The New Zealand National Master title is an official title awarded by the New Zealand Chess Federation. To apply for the title players need to score a total of 100 Master points in events in New Zealand. Players who reach 40 Master Points are automatically awarded the New Zealand Candidate Master title.

Once achieved the titles are valid for life. The regulations (last updated 7th July 2019) can be seen here.

The most recent NZ Master points calculation (last update 31st January 2020) is here, this version only includes active players.

National Masters

  • Anderson, Bruce R (Christchurch)
  • Chandler, Murray G (Auckland)
  • Croad, Nicolas E (Wellington)
  • Dive, Russell J (Wellington)
  • Dowden, R Anthony (Tasmania)
  • Dreyer, Martin P (Auckland)
  • Garbett, Paul A (North Shore)
  • Green, Ewen M (Auckland)
  • Green, Peter R (North Shore)
  • Ker, Anthony F (Wellington)
  • Kulashko, Alexei (Auckland)
  • Lukey, Stephen G (Christchurch)
  • Martin, Benjamin MS (Christchurch)
  • McLaren, Leonard J (Auckland)
  • Nokes, Roger I (Christchurch)
  • Small, Vernon A (Wellington)
  • Smith, Robert W (Tauranga)
  • Spain, Graeme A (Te Awamutu)
  • Steadman, Michael VR (Auckland)
  • Wang, Puchen (Auckland)
  • Wastney, Scott C (Wellington)
Candidate National Masters
  • Ang, Alphaeus (Auckland)
  • Bennett, Hilton P (Hamilton)
  • Cornford, Lindsay H (Auckland)
  • Gong, Daniel (Auckland)
  • Hague, Ben (Auckland)
  • Johnson, Quentin JF (Dunedin)
  • Li, Zuhao Luke (Australia)
  • Love, Anthony J (Dunedin)
  • Noble, Mark F (Feilding)
  • Shen, Daniel (Auckland)
  • Watson, Bruce R (Auckland)
  • Thornton, Gino (Auckland)

NZCF Chess Clubs

New Zealand Chess Clubs

NZCF Officers

  • Patron: Jim Benson
  • Vice-patrons: Tony Booth, Chris Benson, Grant Kerr
  • President: Murray Chandler
  • Vice-president: Paul Spiller
  • Secretary: Winsome Stretch
  • Treasurer: Winsome Stretch
  • Councillors: Hilton Bennett, Stan Yee, Russell Dive, Bob Gibbons, Craig Hall, Ross Jackson, Quentin Johnson, Michael Steadman, Ying Wang, Nigel Metge
  • Ratings Officer: Rowan Wood
  • Grand Prix: Michael Freeman
  • Editor, NZ Chess Magazine: Bill Forster
  • Selectors: Scott Wastney, Michael Freeman, Bob Gibbons, Quentin Johnson
  • Delegate to FIDE: Michael Freeman
  • President Oceania Chess Confederation/FIDE Zone 3.6: Paul Spiller

NZCF Committee for Online Chess

  • Craig Hall (Chairman)
  • Bill Forster
  • Timothy Ha
  • Matthew McNabb
  • Michael Sole

NZCF Life Members

  • Paul Spiller
  • Bob Smith
  • Viv Smith
  • Rowan Wood
  • Hilton Bennett
  • Grant Kerr
  • Quentin Johnson
  • Bob Gibbons
  • Craig Hall
  • Michael Freeman
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Ross Jackson
  • Tony Booth
  • Peter Stuart (deceased)
  • Ari Nijman (deceased)
  • Gordon Hoskyn (deceased)
  • Ted Frost (deceased)

Wills and Bequests

How to leave money to NZCF (pdf document)

Health and Safety

Draft NZCF Health & Safety document (pdf)