New Zealand Chess Bulletin, August 2020


The quarterly New Zealand Chess Magazine ceased operation in 2018. This tentative attempt to replace the magazine with these online interactive bulletins continues on a sporadic basis. Some annotated PGNs from strong players would be a big help and would let me (Bill Forster, email:, former editor of the magazine and still web administrator for NZCF) focus on improving the technology.

This issue is a 2020 Online Olympiad special. New Zealand participated in this competition on the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7th-9th August 2020. We played three rapid (15+5) matches a night, completing a ten team, nine round robin. Sadly we did not come in the top three of our pool (we came 7th) and were eliminated. The cross table and some other details are on the Results Page.

With official team captain Craig Hall unavailable for the weekend in question, I (Bill Forster) stepped in as temporary team captain. We had some other unavailabiliry challenges, Ben Hague was unavailable all weekend and Scott Wastney was unavailable on Friday and unwell on Sunday, meaning reserves Anthony Ker and John Duneas had a heavy load.

This is a round by round report on the chess. All games can be downloaded in pgn format. Annotated PGN and Raw PGN.


Round 1 Hong Kong win 4-2

Round 2 Malaysia lose 4.5-1.5

Round 3 Albania lose 4-2

Round 4 Monaco lose 4.5-1.5

Round 5 South Korea lose 2.5-3.5

Round 6 Japan win 3.5-2.5

Round 7 Singapore lose 1-5

Round 8 Ireland lose 0-6

Round 9 Syria win 3.5-2.5