New Zealand Chess Bulletin, June 2020


The quarterly New Zealand Chess Magazine ceased operation in 2018. This tentative attempt to replace the magazine with these online interactive bulletins continues on a sporadic basis. Some annotated PGNs from strong players would be a big help and would let me (Bill Forster, email:, former editor of the magazine and still web administrator for NZCF) focus on improving the technology.

This issue features some highlights of the online interclub competition NZCF have been running during the Covid-19 lockdown crisis. It's just Blitz chess, it doesn't bear too much serious scrutiny and is basically an exercise in fun rather than serious competition. However the 2 second increment is sufficient for some decent, and even more importantly entertaining, chess. The snippets presented here were found by surveyig a small portion of the hundreds of games available, mostly those by higher rated players. Please draw my attention to entertaining games I've missed and I'll add them.


GMs in Round 1

Interclub highlights- Tactics

Interclub highlights- Interesting Openings

Interclub highlights- Big Attacks

Interclub highlights- Positional Domination

Interclub highlights- Hard Fought Draws

Interclub highlights- Messy Mayhem

Interclub highlights- Premature Resignations

Interclub highlights- Turning the Tables

Graham Pitts

Brett Mullan

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