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Queenstown Chess Classic 2012  

The 2012 Queenstown Chess Classic is a 9-round international tournament, open to players - of any playing strength - from both New Zealand and abroad. Everyone is welcome.

The tournament is the inspiration of New Zealand chess Grandmaster Murray Chandler, and is overseen by a team of volunteer organizers from New Zealand and Australia. Following two successful previous events - in 2006 and 2009 - Queenstown has truly become established as the "perfect tournament in the perfect location."

Queenstown is famous for being New Zealand's "adventure capital", and is situated in the remote Southern Lakes district of the South Island, one of the most stunningly beautiful regions in the world. The 2012 Queenstown Chess Classic will be FIDE (World Chess Federation) rated, and the presence of several foreign masters and grandmasters will give opportunities for players to achieve title norms.

The relaxed schedule of one game per day (and all rounds starting 3 pm) allows ample time for sight-seeing. Some overseas enthusiasts will surely combine the tournament with a holiday of a lifetime.

In cooperation with the New Zealand Chess Federation (NZCF), the Queenstown Chess Classic will also incorporate the official 119th New Zealand Chess Championships. An added incentive for New Zealand players is that this event has two automatic Olympiad team qualification places on offer - one spot each for both the Open and the Women's team.

As well as a number of international strength players from Europe, many top Australian players are expected to participate in the Queenstown Classic. Tournament Arbiters: Bob Gibbons (Chief Arbiter), Craig Hall, Shaun Press, Keong Ang.

Paul Spiller   Helen Milligan   Murray Chandler
Chief Organizer,
Paul Spiller
  NZCF Secretary,
Helen Milligan
  Tournament Promoter,
Grandmaster Murray Chandler