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Queenstown Chess Classic 2012  

The 2012 Queenstown Chess Classic (incorporating the New Zealand Chess Championships) is a 9-round FIDE (World Chess Federation) rated tournament. FIDE title norms are possible, depending on the standard of opposition met. The tournament will be played from 15th-23rd January 2012 at the Millennium Hotel, Queenstown's premiere events venue.

All games start at 3pm. One game per day.

Time Control: 100 minutes for each player for the first 40 moves (followed by 50 minutes/20 moves and 15 minutes/remaining moves) plus 30 seconds increment for each move played, from move 1. This is equivalent to 2 hours for the first 40 moves, and thus conducive to top quality chess.

ROUND 1 - Sunday 15th January
ROUND 2 - Monday 16th January
ROUND 3 - Tuesday 17th January
ROUND 4 - Wednesday 18th January
ROUND 5 - Thursday 19th January
ROUND 6 - Friday 20th January
ROUND 7 - Saturday 21st January
ROUND 8 - Sunday 22nd January
ROUND 9 - Monday 23rd January (followed by Banquet and Prize-giving 9.30pm)

Queenstown Chess Classic Registration: 14th January, 6-8 pm at the tournament hall. All players who have arrived in Queenstown are asked to register at the tournament hall at this time.

Half-point byes in the Queenstown Chess Classic: To give flexibility to chess enthusiasts combining the tournament with a holiday: Any player may elect to take up to two half point byes, to be taken no later than round seven. However, any New Zealand player who wishes to be eligible to win a New Zealand National Championship title (or an automatic Olympiad team spot) must play all nine rounds. Anyone taking a half point bye must advise the arbiter prior to the round starting the previous day. Half-point byes are not allowed for invited players who are receiving conditions.