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Queenstown Chess Classic 2012  

Entry fees for the Queenstown Chess Classic, 15-23rd January 2012

NZ $235 Approximate equivalent Australian $180, US $150, Euros 190, UK £118
NZ $185 for juniors (if under 18 at 01/01/2012). Approximate equivalent Australian $142, US $150, Euros 108, UK £93

Free entry for all GM and WGM.
Free entry for all Australian/New Zealand IM and WIM.
Titled players claiming free entry must notify the organizers of booked flights itinerary by 1st December 2011 (or else normal entry fee/late fees will be payable).

Late entry fees: Add $35 to the fees above if entering after 1st January 2012/add $55 on site. Entry fee payments must be made at time of entry (or else late entry fees will be charged).

Send notification of entries (preferably by e-mail) to:
Paul Spiller,
102 Picton Street,
Howick, Auckland,
New Zealand
Fax 00 64 (0)9 5347885
Telephone 00 64 (0)9 5347411
If telephoning from abroad please remember to check the time difference between your country and New Zealand!

If entering by e-mail please state:
Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address,
your Federation, FIDE rating and national rating.

Entry Fee Payment

Payment by credit card (recommended for all non-New Zealand entrants):
The firm Australian Chess Enterprises (in Sydney, Australia) has kindly agreed to process entry fee payments via their secure online facilities at
Click on "events" and a list of entry fee payments including Queenstown will appear on screen for selection and payment. Note these online credit card payments will be processed in Australian Dollars, i.e. Australian $180 for adults and Australian $142 for juniors. If paying your Queenstown Chess Classic entry fee by credit card in this way, please remember to e-mail organizer Paul Spiller to advise your details - Name, Federation, rating.

New Zealand bank account holders only - payment by cheque.
For New Zealand bank account holders only, cheques drawn on a New Zealand bank account are acceptable. Please do not send cheques or bank transfers from outside New Zealand as these are expensive to process. Be aware that you cannot make direct online bank transfers from Australian accounts.
Pay to Queenstown Chess Classic.

No entry will be considered accepted until payment is received. All entries will be confirmed by e-mail, and will also be listed online.

Conditions for masters/grandmasters

Free entry: All GM and WGM, plus Australian/New Zealand IM and WIM), receive free entry (on condition organizers receive notification of booked flights itinerary by 1st December 2011).
For any other queries, titled players may contact Murray Chandler on