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January 2022

January 2022

This issue of the NZCF online chess bulletin is more dynamic than most, it started with a single game highlight from Congress. There are now more Congress games and Philip Hair's adventures into the most obscure openings possible continues. Many thanks to Philip, it would be great if some others followed his lead and sent the editor some PGNs with their thoughts and experiences in our wonderful game. You don't have to be a GM (or IM or FM or ...), amateur chess has a charm all of its own!

Thanks to Josh Langford for writing an entertaining Lichess blog post on his NZ Championship games. The games editor has transcribed the article to the NZCF format (with Josh's permission) and it is now available in this Bulletin too.

Also recently added is an appreciation of the recently deceased Bill Ramsay.


Crowd Sourced Congress Highlights

The Mortimer Gambit

Spiller vs Hair 1.f4 f5

Josh Langford's NZ Championship

Bill Ramsay Obituary