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The New Zealand Chess Academy aims to promote the game of chess, and to raise the standard of chess playing, in New Zealand. This website includes contact information enabling keen pupils to locate freelance chess coaches throughout New Zealand.

As part of its activities, the New Zealand Chess Academy distributes selected high-quality chess books, and tournament-standard chess equipment. Please note that the Academy is not open to the general public, although callers can visit our headquarters in Devonport, Auckland, by prior appointment.


Freelance Chess Coaches around New Zealand
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Freelance Chess Coaches around New Zealand

Jennya Charomova (Milford, North Shore)
Former NZ Women's Champion and Women's Olympiad player.
Tel 021-0234257

  Jennya Charamova

Ewen Green (Auckland)
Former New Zealand Champion, Olympiad player, FIDE (World Chess Federation) Master, and FIDE Trainer, who coaches at clubs and schools in a range of locations in the Auckland area.
Tel 021-2664678

  FM Ewen Green

Leonard McLaren (Onehunga, Auckland)
New Zealand Championship standard player, who actively teaches at clubs and schools in a range of locations in the Auckland area.
Tel 09 622 3289

  leonard McLaren

Amy Millano (Queenstown)
Former New Zealand Women's Olympiad Player (Manila 1990).
Tel 027 3724284 or 03 4092497

  Amy Millano

Bob and Vivian Smith (Auckland)
Chess for Success coaches.
Bob - Former New Zealand Champion, Olympiad player (10 so far), FIDE (World Chess Federation) Master, FIDE Trainer.
Viv - 10-times New Zealand Women's Champion, Women's Olympiad player (13 so far), FIDE woman master, FIDE Instructor.
Telephone: 09 817 2664
Mobile: (Bob) 0274 786282
Mobile: (Viv) 021 1623342

  Bob Smith
Vivian Smith

Scott Wastney (Wellington)
Former New Zealand Champion, Olympiad player, and FIDE (World Chess Federation) Master, who coaches schools and individuals in the Wellington area.
Tel 04 461 7079

  Scott Wastney

Chess Books

The Academy supplies carefully-selected chess books to bookshops, clubs and schools, and is the authorized New Zealand wholesaler for UK-based Gambit, the world's leading chess publisher. The NZ Chess Academy also maintains a chess reference library of around 2000 different chess books. - detailed information about each book.

New Zealand Pricelist of Gambit Books - the recommended retail prices in NZ$.


Chess Equipment

The Academy supplies quality tournament-standard chess equipment. Orders may be collected, by arrangement, from our headquarters in Devonport, Auckland.

Prices include GST. Postage added at cost.

Tournament-quality plastic chess set (in plastic box)
Standard size (95 mm king height), official Staunton pattern
$25 photo
Standard roll-up vinyl chessboard
Green and cream, 56 mm squares
$9.00 photo
Standard folding chessboard
Green and cream, 52 mm squares
$9.95 photo
Wooden chessboard
50 mm squares
$125 photo
DGT XL Clock $145 photo
Quartz Clock $49 photo
Standard Mechanical Clock
In green or black
$55 photo
Slot-in Demonstration Board (including pieces) $89 photo
Magnetic Demonstration Board (including pieces) $89 photo
Mini-Giant Set (king height 30 cm) $195 photo
Nylon Fabric Board for Mini-Giant Set $70  
Giant Chess Set (king height 64 cm) $995 photo

Simultaneous Chess Exhibitions

Simultaneous Exhibitions (usually abbreviated to "simuls") are popular the world over. In a simul, an expert player will take on many opponents at once - typically members of the public, or an entire chess club. A circle of 15 to 30 boards is usually created. The expert will move swiftly around the inside of the circle, playing everyone at once, and instantly making a move when passing each board.

This spectacle can create a most dramatic impression. Bystanders invariably marvel at the speed with which the expert moves around the circle. Even though opponents have much longer to consider their moves, it is a rarity for the expert to draw, let alone lose a game. When the simul is staged in a busy location, like a shopping centre, crowds quickly gather. Amazingly, even noisy venues present no problem - top chess players have remarkable powers of concentration.

Just for fun - an informal simul at Carmel College, Auckland, in November 2007.

Simultaneous display in Carmel College   Simultaneous display in Carmel College

About the Academy

The NZ Chess Academy is directed by New Zealand's top player, Grandmaster Murray Chandler. He is the only player ever from New Zealand to attain the coveted title of Grandmaster.

  Murray Chandler

Contact Us
The Academy is not open as a shop to the general public, but callers may visit by appointment to browse the selection of chess books, or collect chess equipment. The venue of the Academy is a Victorian Villa in Devonport, Auckland, known locally as the former private maternity hospital "Pentlands." If coming from downtown Auckland, the best route is the scenic 12-minute ferry ride direct to Devonport.

19 Buchanan St,
New Zealand.